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Unfortunately, after my 2 intestinal obstructions, I always had problems with my intestines/digestion. I was looking for something that would relieve my problems (stomach ache, bloating) in a simple way. I found the perfect help in the archaeus ELIXIRS. I can recommend 100%.

Alexandra Reimann


I (68) have had very good experiences with Gerhard Luger's archaeus ELIXIRS for years. Both the rapid and ongoing support of his archaeus ELIXIRS have improved and strengthened my health and well-being with regard to the gastrointestinal tract.

Peter Dirnberger


After years of chronic intestinal problems caused by taking multiple antibiotics for the purpose of repeated angina, my body developed a duodenal ulcer, which was diagnosed in the course of an inpatient health check! Due to the prescribed medication against the ulcer, severe skin irritation developed and was therefore discontinued, thankfully I was able to try the archaeus stilla interra intestinal elixir from your production! What can I say? I'm excited! My general well-being and quality of life have increased enormously. Thank you for your valuable work and the resulting products!

Gerhard Brunner


It is a ray of hope when one engages with the power behind all visible appearances and with the natural resources of art to maintain health in this day and age. In the case of health problems or physical discomfort, the true art of observation, attention and the right (just) attitude NATURALLY results in a SOLUTION. If a human spirit follows an idea (vision) with a lot of love and meticulousness, then there are still MIRACLES: archaeus ELIXIRS - pure nature - B R A V O !

Mag.Dr. Thomas Url


I heard from friends that after eating some foods, the archaeus ELIXIRS have had a very successful effect, and in fact, since I've been using the elixir, I haven't had any significant complaints. I can only recommend! Great product - my digestion has been working better than before since taking it. Always had digestive issues until I discovered archaeus ELIXIRS. Cheers to this product!

Mag. Karla Url

Due to multiple surgeries on the intestines, I have suffered from indigestion for many years and often have poor food tolerance, especially when travelling. Many thanks Mr. Luger for the valuable support through the gift of the elixir "stilla interra" which you developed, which I would really like to recommend from the bottom of my heart. Since taking it every day, I have felt a significant improvement and, overall, both in everyday life and especially when travelling, a much better sense of well-being as well as a stronger intestinal flora and the associated fitness! I don't want to miss the product anymore!!

Jacob Hartig


My history: I had an operation in 2013 after being diagnosed with colon cancer, followed by a year of chemotherapy with the associated symptoms (symptoms: flashes of diarrhea and abdominal pain, five to seven times until noon). It went on like this for seven years! And then came the SALVATION. About two years ago I found out about your products from a friend (I was a little skeptical at first, but after a lengthy discussion of just natural elixirs with no side effects, I decided to try it, like, "It helps it doesn't hurt"). After taking stilla interra, I experienced enormous relief and a normalization of my stool after just a few days. I am now 99% symptom-free! You didn't improve my life by 100%, you improved it by 1000% Thanks to your products, I can now lead an almost symptom-free life!!!!!!!!!!!

Karl Pollitzer


In August 2021, I was plagued by a very unpleasant constant nausea for days. I was convinced I had caught a stomach flu that was about to break out, but it didn't get better. After the recommendation from stilla interra, I immediately took a shot of it and the nausea disappeared relatively quickly and never came back.

Judith Gegenhuber


Despite a healthy diet and a lot of exercise, I kept having digestive problems for some time and the associated problems with weight gain, abdominal pain and general malaise. After I had already tried many things without success, I reported my complaints to Mr. Luger. To be honest, I couldn't imagine that stilla interra would help, but after taking it for just a short time, my symptoms improved enormously and after 3 months I was completely free of symptoms. Since then, I've always had stilla interra at home or with me when I travel and take it when needed or twice a year to set it up. Based on my experiences I can highly recommend stilla interra!

Manuela Pucher

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