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I did not recieve an email after I ordered the product, what can I do?

Some email programs filter emails from unknown adresses and move them to your SPAM or JUNK folder. If you do not recieve an email after your order, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder.

Does the elixir work against diseases such as Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, disturbed intestinal flora, constipation, diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, etc.?

There are many diseases but only one health. archaeus ELIXIRS do not work against a specific disease but support health and the immune system and specifically promote their balance.

How and when and how often do I take my elixir?

Take 35 drops pure on the tongue or with a plastic spoon or diluted with a little water, juice, tea (not with coffee), 2 times a day - morning and evening.

Why is the consumption recommendation 35 drops?

Due to the manufacturing process, it is common for all archaeus ELIXIRS - this dosage of 35 drops twice a day has proven itself after many years of experience in the majority of people of different ages, constitutions and body weights. Deviations from this are possible in individual cases.

What reactions of the body can occur? Are there any side effects?

In rare cases, detoxification reactions can occur in the form of mild diarrhea, constipation, malaise or flatulence. In these cases, discontinue the elixir until the reactions subside and then continue with a lower dosage (approx. 15 - 20 drops). There are no side effects in the traditional sense. Intolerance, allergic reactions and/or cross-reactions to individual ingredients (see label) cannot be ruled out.

Is it a medicine and/or can it replace a doctor's visit?

No. An elixir is neither a medicine, nor does it replace a visit to the doctor.

Can I take it with medication?

Basically yes, but only after prior medical consultation on possible interactions of your medication with individual ingredients (see label).

How long can I take it, over what period of time?

The elixir is suitable for long-term use. The usual consumption periods are between one and three months or until a lasting well-being has set in.

How long will a 100 ml bottle last?

Approximately four weeks if used correctly and taking the recommended number of drops.

Do I need a plastic spoon to take the drops?

Not necessarily. Depending on your preference, the drops can also be administered directly onto the tongue or be consumed with a little water.


Which stimulants should I avoid while taking?

In principle there are no restrictions, but a balanced, healthy diet is advantageous during the period of taking the elixir.

When does my elixir start working?

A general statement on the time of the effect is not possible and depends heavily on the respective person. Based on many years of experience, the first positive effects on the metabolism can be seen after just a few days.

How should I store my bottle?

The bottle can be kept tightly closed at room temperature - direct sunlight should be avoided.

What is special about the archaeus ELIXIRS?

It is a true elixir in the original sense, due to the special, traditional recipe, which is honestly and skilfully worked out by hand. Only certified ingredients of highest quality are used.

What is the shelf life of archaeus ELIXIRS?

Due to the alcohol content, archaeus ELIXIRS have a very long shelf life when stored properly, but at least three years according to European law.

How long do archaeus ELIXIRS last?

Due to the special manufacturing process, archaeus ELIXIRS lose none of their potency when stored properly and can therefore be used even after a long period of time.

Why do my archaeus ELIXIRS I bought at different times taste different?

archaeus ELIXIRS are a real natural product. The natural circumstances under which the ingredients are obtained (weather, soil conditions, time of harvest,...) can lead to slight deviations in smell or taste, which in no way affect the potency.

Why is there turbidity or sediment in my bottle?

Due to the manufacturing process, which is based on real manual work, slight cloudiness or sediment cannot be ruled out. These will not effect the power of the elixir.

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